Secure login / logon PHP code

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Secure multi user log in script. Security by obscurity is never a good idea. Even though log in programs require you enter a name and password in order to view a particular resource once the location of the resource is known the visitor can bypass the normal log in procedure and just go straight to the "secure" page. How the script works:

1) When the user logs in and his username and password have been verified his username is logged to a file then he is redirected to the "secure" page.

2) As soon as the "secure" page loads it opens the log file to see if a valid user name is found. If so it will erase the log and then display the protected page content. The reason the code wipes the log clear is so no one (including the original visitor) can access the page again without re-logging on.

3) If someone tries to go directly to the "secure" page without signing in the code will read an empty log and display an error to the visitor.

All necessary files are incuded in download.

To download this Secure login/logon PHP program click here.

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Secure login / logon PHP script

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