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Remote Log file scavenger program

This script works with both Cygwin and ActiveState perl. I wrote this to help make searching remote (IIS) web server log files easier. LogSearch is a sockets based program that comes in two parts, the client and server. The "server.pl" goes into your weblog directory on your web server. The client program "client.pl" is run from your workstation. You simply run client.pl and enter whatever flag you want to search your log files for i.e: Googlebot, or even .exe or ../ .The server will receive that flag and search your log files. When it has found all the entries that match the flag it sends that data to the client program on your workstation. The client program will then write that data to a word file (.doc) for viewing.

If you are unfamiliar with setting up these types of programs I have also included some fairly detailed information that (hopefully) will help the average Windows user set this up.

To download this Remote Log file scavenger program click here.

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