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Tropical PC Solutions: Contact - email form PHP code

This PHP contact email form program will allow your visitors to contact you via a web form. Features:

  • This code does some basic input bounds checks (email address validation etc...)

  • This code also has the option to do domain validation to help avoid misuse by spammers.

  • This code will send you the visitors IP address in the letter.

  • This version has the option to log the IP addresses of anyone who attempts to access the form from anywhere other than your domain to a HTML log file.

  • This version has the option to notify you via email if someone attempts to use the form from outside your domain.

  • You can also choose to send HTML or plain text mail.

  • This code has the log-in form on a separate HTML file so it is easier to set up and customize for non programmers.

This code was designed to be integrated into an existing site. Its simple design allows the webmaster greater flexibility when integrating this contact form.

If you have trouble with sending mail, there is a visitor submitted tip here.

All necessary files are included in the download.

To download this PHP contact form program click here.

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