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Tropical PC Solutions: Freeware PHP code for your website or blog.

Email Contact Form
This script will allow your visitors to send you an email via a form on your website or blog.

Guestbook (Comment Box)
This script will allow your visitors to comment on your website or blog.

IP Sniffer
This script will sniff out your visitors IP address and log it to a file.

Local IP Verification
Are you working behind a NAT router? If so you may need to filter out LAN IP's.

Photo of the Day
This script will display a new photo each day.

Secure Login
This script will easily and quickly allow you to secure parts of your website.

Timed IP Blocker
Do you need to block an IP address for a specific time limit? This script will help you out.

View only once with Time Limit
This script will only allow a visitor to view a resource once within an allotted time period.

Anonymous Emailer Script
This script will allow you or your visitors to send anonymous emails to people via your server.

PHP Web Shell
This script will allow you to run shell commands via a web interface (Apache Linux)

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